SouthAir – Your Icelandic aviation service partner

Plan a stop at Keflavik International Airport during your flight to Iceland and experience superb aviation service with South Air, the best aviation handling agent in BIKF.
With a large data base of business partners offering hotel services, car rentals and even Blue Lagoon bathing, we tap into our high-end resources to handle your accommodations. We are here to assure your satisfaction—service agents are standing by to handle every perfect detail of your request. Let us provide you with exceptional service. 


Our Mission: Excellent Service

Open 24/7/365, SouthAir places its customers first. To attentively respond to your requests and provide assistance, a reliable customer service agent meets every flight. Our ramp and passenger services are continuously reviewed and amended for your comfort and safety, ensuring you have access to the best amenities:

  • A fleet of ground service equipment
  • 24/7 service
  • Swift turnaround
  • Weather briefing
  • Flight planning
  • Airport information
  • Passenger & crew lounge
  • Easy internet access
  • Conference room
  • Duty free
  • Full catering service
  • Diplomatic clearance
  • Transportation for guests and crew
  • Baggage service
  • Customs and immigration
  • Hotel arrangements
  • Avfuel Contract Fuel
  • Jet A and 100LL fuel
  • De-icing
  • Large, lighted, secure ramp space

Our objective is to make your stay comfortable and as beneficial for your business as possible.

SouthAir Terminal boasts quiet surroundings, high-end services and a comfortable atmosphere, situated in a serene, yet easy to find location at Keflavik International Airport. Enjoy all of the terminal’s convenient, onsite amenities with ground-level crew and passengers’ immigration, baggage handling and customs clearance. Relax in a comfortable passenger lounge with a fully-equipped coffee bar, or visit the spacious conference facilities and crew rest areas, adjacent to a well-manned, fully-qualified flight operation.
Fuel is provided by fuel trucks or our hydrant (ground) system. Avfuel Contract Fuel is available along with Jet A-1 and Avgas 100LL at the airport, and PRIST in aerosol form for over-wing fueling. De-fueling service is also provided at the airport for your convenience. All major credit cards and fuel cards are accepted at SouthAir.
SouthAir offers extensive experience in handling all types of military aircraft.

No PPR required.

Customs and Immigration
Iceland belongs to the “Schengen group” of European countries who have a joint customs and immigration schemes. Iceland is, therefore, Europe’s gateway to and from America. Even with short notice, SouthAir Iceland offers full customs and immigration clearance at its terminal. This eliminates long queuing at busy public terminals.
Cold Country, warm and friendly people. Thanks a lot !! Oscar Carnicero

Chief Pilot: EC-IMX / SWT6203

4 AM, and still a warm welcome! Thank you for all your help. Henry and Steve

Pilots, The Phoenix Finland Express


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